Daily Musings

Friday, March 23, 2007

IES Series 4

2 hours in between lectures

This used to be the days we would inevitably end up at ‘Sai Sagar’. And raid the tissues out there. Main culprit being Princu. As soon as the Sai Sagar guy would see us approaching he would hide his precious tissues.
Princu - wat will we eat?
Shraddhu – Lets have Indian ok
Me – no I wanna have those yummy Chinese stir fried vegetables
Renuka- And…
Me – And nothing else
Renuka- don’t be silly…. U will get nauseous
Me - No I wont
Renuka – Yes you will
Me – No I wont
Sabu – Never mind….. Ok girlies lets order
Shraddhu – Can I have my dabba out here
Princu – Yes let him give our order and go then we will have our dabbas too.
Orders come
After which Princu and Shraddhu keep trying to eat their dabbas and keep hiding it every time the waiters come in which is too often
Princu – I give up. I cant eat like this
Shraddhu – Nor can I
Me – (after having all of those vegetables) Groan I feel pukey
Renuka – I told u so
Me- Chabbbuuuuuuuu
Sabu – Its ok baby she is like that only

Thursday, March 22, 2007

IES - Series 3


The examinations are the most fun in our college
Find out why
Me hyperventilating outside the hall
Me – Oh god I cant remember anything I am sure to fail
(All the rest in chorus): Shreya Shut up!!!
Inside the hall
I am tired of hyperventilating so I am sleepy
Me sleeping
Renuka (whispering furiously) – Shreya get up! Lil idiot
I grunt
Shraddhu scribbling away furiously
Princu mummy making sure all the rest have pens, pencils, supplements before writing her own paper
Sabu glaring at Princu
Sheebu glaring at the question paper
Our very lovable friend (guess his name) puts his phone on vibrator mode and then balances it precariously on the windowsill. It vibrates in between (obviously and falls with a lound bang)
Our friend - **%%&*%%$##
Examiner - What the @@##%%&&$
I get up to see whats the excitement is all about and sleep again
Shraddhu scribbling away furiously
I manage to finally get up and write something before sleeping again
Princu making sure everyone else is writing
Sabu glaring at Princu
Now Sheebu is glaring at the answer sheet
Me too tired, finally go off to sleep again

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

IES series -2

Shraddha & Renuka looking around furtively.
Shraddhu - She is not around lets go.
They duck into our tiny tea shop and buy a Vada Pav each. They come out and walk straight into Princu
They freeze
Princu – Ah caught you red – handed
Renuka (sigh)- But Princu we are hungry
Shraddhu – very
Princu – Then eat something hygienic like Sheebu
Sheebu munching on a packet of Haldirams
Me – Sheebu stop eating Haldiram we are supposed to making a project on Ruffles. Oh god! Did you get the questionnaires filled? U know we don’t have time (hyperventilating)
Sheebu ignores and goes on munching
Sabu – Shreyu. Shut up
Me – Still Hyperventilating
Shraddhu – OK OK I will eat Ruffles. Is that better?
Sheebu still munching. Me still hyperventilating
Princu – Much better. And Renuka what about you.
Renuka – nothing about me. I am eating my vada pav.
Princu – Fine rot your insides
Sheebu still munching. Me still hyperventilating
Sabrina- I have been wanting to try their new cutlet. Should I?
Princu – What is wrong with you?
Sabrina – U know I don’t like their food but how bad could it be
Princu (giving up )- you girls have lost it
Suddenly someone announces
‘Hey guys 3 presentations are due next week’
I faint

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A typical day in IES

Life in IES

A typical day in IES. (Hey girls guess who is who)
A comes in giggling
A – U know what XYZ (any boy in our class) did?
B – Now what in god’s name did that *&&%$@## do?
B – Heheheheeh He was making fun of XYZ
C – That’s bad he should’nt do that?
B – Why that ***&^%%##*
D – (to B) must you always over react? Why do you let such people get to you
C – Now now girls
E- Should we make a presentation on Pepsi?
A – Oh there are my Junior friends. I will just come in a bit
D – (grumbling) Does she know half the college
E – I know we will do our presentation on Pfizer
C – I need to buy new clothes/shoes/nailpolish/bag
D- Ok I will come with you. I also need new clothes/ shoes/ nailpolish /bag
C – Oh Pharma just came out. I will just come
B – why that **&&%%$$#@@@ no gooder is talking to C.
D sighs
E – I have it……. I have it we will make a presentation on Amul
(So any guesses????)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When love comes along.....

When Love comes along…….

They were as different as fire and ice or for that matter as any girl and boy. To begin with her favorite color was pink and his was brown. Where she liked romance novels, perfumes and Yash Chopra movies, he liked bikes. She was always color coordinated. It would not be wrong to call her fashion conscious. Nobody could blame him for making an effort to look presentable
Hence as I said they had nothing in common yet when they met, magic happened. No it was not love at first sight. Where she was wondering how could anyone wear grey with brown, he was wondering how could anyone wear so much pink.
But then they spoke to each other, discovered each others true self beneath the exterior and realized that they were so perfect for each other.
Slowly but surely they started getting drawn towards each other not realizing the enormity of their feelings.
But then reality intruded they could not be together. There were issues like caste barrier, not enough money to live on, career demands but most importantly different dreams. They are still grappling with it. Will they live happily ever after. I don’t think so. Will one of them make the ultimate sacrifice and decide to give up their dream to make the others come true and if he/she does, will they be able to forgive the other and be happy. Again I don’t think so. But at the same time it hurts them to part ways. One wonders how such different people can fall in love. And when they do why is it so complicated.
Hence follow my advice never fall in love and stay happy.