Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Silence must be heard

For people like me who live in big cities, the value of silence is precious. When you are surrounded by cacophony of honking horns, ringing phones, incessant chattering of people, you forget what silence sounds like. But I heard silence on a recent out of town trip in the mountains. The quiet complemented the scenery of tall mountains with a calm lake nestled in between. With greenery blanketing the surface till horizon. The only sounds breaking this absolute silence where the tweeting of birds of exotic colors and the wind whistling through the woods. Standing below the azure blue sky, with the vista spread out before made me wonder if I had reached heaven. I have always believed that Mother Nature is the best artist in the world. Watching the sun slowly sink behind the majestic mountains reaffirmed my views. The sky turned from a warm orange to blood red, light purple and finally gave in to ink blue. However there was a small blot in my happiness. While going up the mountains we found the trail littered with plastic bottles, plastic bags and discarded food items. It just showed that we have no respect for nature. These items were thrown there by literate people who are well aware of the ill effects of such things on the environment. They are the same people who are disgusted with the fact that our country is dirty. And they will follow all the rules and regulations when they go out of country. It is sad that we do not repect our pown country or the beauty it offers. I hope we understand before its too late.


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