Sunday, January 01, 2012

Can I be her?

Have you ever met your alter ego? You know the girl who walks into the room and all eyes turn on her. Her clothes are impeccable, her hair is perfect, understated makeup and jewellery and awesome shoes.
But more than all this it is her attitude -confident to the point of being arrogant. She carries herself and this attitude with aplomb. She looks like a woman with a mission and with no time for fools.
In airports she will be tapping her perfectly done nails against her bag while waiting for security check, her laptop already put for camera check, at malls she will be checking some disgustingly expensive item with a half bored expression while the shop assistant is fawning over her, in movies she will be sipping her cola drink while her partner is trying to impress her and in restaurants she will be the centre of attention. And I want to be her. The lady who supposedly has the world at her feet. She knows where she is going, has a perfectly planned route on how to get there and has already started walking on her way. I on the other hand knew where I was going, took a wrong turn several times and now I am helplessly lost.
So how do I become her? Well apart from spending a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Though I don’t think that’s the solution. These ladies could be wearing a sack and will make it look like D&G. So I need the attitude. Which I unfortunately can’t buy. That needs to be cultivated. However I was never much of a farmer.
What about looking sure and confident. My general demeanour is confused and anxious. I guess it goes with having the attitude mentioned above.
I think my quest for becoming my alter ego is will remain a quest. She seems to be everywhere but not in my mirror.


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