Daily Musings

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Death of a Dream

A chance to bring in this world and nurture another life is the most precious gift. Each child born is the apple of his parent’s eyes, a bundle of joy and a constant source of happiness. Every parent has dreams for his young one.
Imagine the state of the parents whose dreams are cruelly crushed, ended before they even began.
The latest case of the suicide of a student at La Martiniere is just one example. The media reports state that the kid was regularly caned by his teachers and principals. Unable to take the torture any longer the student ended his life.
And this is not the first case of such death. There have been hundreds of cases of students killing themselves for fear of bad grades, ragging, ridicule by friends or depression.
It makes me wonder when did being a child become so complicated. Our childhood is supposed to be the wonder years of our life. A time when you believe you can conquer the world.
A time to learn, play, laugh, climb trees, play cricket on long endless summer afternoons, eat stolen mangoes and so much more.
I remember having a teacher in school who regularly used to beat us up. Her terror was such that no kid had the courage to tell her parents about her. But I did. The result being my father (an angry young man then) went up to her place and categorically told her that is she ever as much as touched a hair on my head again he will have her jailed. The result was that the teacher though deliberately gave me less marks but never hit me again.
The point of the story is that if there is something bothering your child get him to speak about it. Have an open channel of communication so that you are aware of your child’s activities and hence aware of his mental and emotional state.
Lets ensure our dreams live on……………..

Monday, June 07, 2010

Bhopal Gas Tragedy verdict

Why is it that we take terrorism so lightly? Be it terrorism from outside or the corporate terrorism in our country. For what else will you call the mass death of 1984 in Bhopal? Criminal negligence which lead to thousands of death and is still affecting the new born babies.
But the cost of lives in India is very less. We have become immune to deaths and destruction. We look at tragedy shake our head and move on.
25 years ago lives of thousands of people got affected. The entire city turned in to graveyard and the people responsible for it have walked out free today.
To begin with – Why did the case drag on for 25 years. Why was justice not speedy. Why was the UCIlL chairman allowed to fly back to New York.
Sadly these questions will never be answered. Some victims with simmering anger will go back to court. The case will drag on for another few years, no real justice will come out of it. And meanwhile another tragedy will strike, another set of people will die.
We will read the headlines, shake our heads and move on…..