Friday, March 23, 2007

IES Series 4

2 hours in between lectures

This used to be the days we would inevitably end up at ‘Sai Sagar’. And raid the tissues out there. Main culprit being Princu. As soon as the Sai Sagar guy would see us approaching he would hide his precious tissues.
Princu - wat will we eat?
Shraddhu – Lets have Indian ok
Me – no I wanna have those yummy Chinese stir fried vegetables
Renuka- And…
Me – And nothing else
Renuka- don’t be silly…. U will get nauseous
Me - No I wont
Renuka – Yes you will
Me – No I wont
Sabu – Never mind….. Ok girlies lets order
Shraddhu – Can I have my dabba out here
Princu – Yes let him give our order and go then we will have our dabbas too.
Orders come
After which Princu and Shraddhu keep trying to eat their dabbas and keep hiding it every time the waiters come in which is too often
Princu – I give up. I cant eat like this
Shraddhu – Nor can I
Me – (after having all of those vegetables) Groan I feel pukey
Renuka – I told u so
Me- Chabbbuuuuuuuu
Sabu – Its ok baby she is like that only


Blogger Godwin said...


as in your re-collection, ability to put it down as it was, and I.E.S. Management College.

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