Daily Musings

Thursday, January 27, 2011

No One Killed Scarlett

Scarlett Keeling was a beautiful 15 year old British citizen, a tourist to our country who was brutally killed on the beaches of Goa. It’s been 4 years and yet there has been no justice for her mother Fiona.
Fiona has spent the last 4 years reliving the horrific site of her daughter’s severely bruised body. There was a massive cover up by the police as there were some influential names involved in this murder. The media uproar forced police to arrest a few people, one of them a well known drug dealer and head of a drug mafia but soon they were out on bail and today face much lesser charges as compared to the shocking crime they have committed.
What is heart rendering is that Scarlett was drugged then raped and left on the Anjuna beach to die, which she did by drowning. Even after seeing the bruises on her body the police first registered the case as ‘accidental drowning’ and reopened it only after Fiona protested and reported the case to higher authorities.
The shocking part is that the victim and her mother were blamed for ‘bringing this upon themselves’ by the police.
They claimed that Fiona had been ‘negligent’ by leaving her teenage daughter alone and going on a holiday with her friends. Scarlett was said to be a girl of loose morals who did drugs and had a boyfriend. Maybe Fiona was negligent, maybe Scarlett did do drugs but does that mean that they deserved this to happen to them?
Is our country so horrible and monstrous that a mother dare not leave her daughter alone even for a few days if she wants her to be safe? This is Goa we are talking about. Goa is suppose to be about beauty, relaxation, happiness not murders.
Is it a wonder that even though we are probably the only country to have beaches, mountains and forests and still are unable to attract a large number of tourists. The crime graph of every city sees to be shooting up and the fastest a case comes for trail is one year. There are long backlogs that our courts are still trying to catch up with and many parents/ siblings/ spouses who are living and fighting the endless fight for justice. Nothing will bring back those they lost, but atleast they will have a sense of closure of knowing that justice was served and no one else will suffer by the hands of the monsters who killed their happiness.
I am not too sure what happened to Scarlett’s case. Once the item was old, the media lost interest in it too. Since she was a British there was not much public outcry and anger. And slowly like many similar cases the news died.
Scarlett’s body was not released to Fiona for 3 years after her death.
Was Fiona given justice? Will Scarlett be able to sleep peacefully? Her tormentors are out now free, free to hunt and prey on other Scarletts.