Thursday, March 22, 2007

IES - Series 3


The examinations are the most fun in our college
Find out why
Me hyperventilating outside the hall
Me – Oh god I cant remember anything I am sure to fail
(All the rest in chorus): Shreya Shut up!!!
Inside the hall
I am tired of hyperventilating so I am sleepy
Me sleeping
Renuka (whispering furiously) – Shreya get up! Lil idiot
I grunt
Shraddhu scribbling away furiously
Princu mummy making sure all the rest have pens, pencils, supplements before writing her own paper
Sabu glaring at Princu
Sheebu glaring at the question paper
Our very lovable friend (guess his name) puts his phone on vibrator mode and then balances it precariously on the windowsill. It vibrates in between (obviously and falls with a lound bang)
Our friend - **%%&*%%$##
Examiner - What the @@##%%&&$
I get up to see whats the excitement is all about and sleep again
Shraddhu scribbling away furiously
I manage to finally get up and write something before sleeping again
Princu making sure everyone else is writing
Sabu glaring at Princu
Now Sheebu is glaring at the answer sheet
Me too tired, finally go off to sleep again


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