Daily Musings

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dignity in death

How many more Ishrat’s will have to die a gruesome death before such police cruelty is stopped. These are the lawmen who are supposed to protect us. They take the oath to safe guard justice and fight evil but end up at the other side. Ishrat’s case is not the first and sadly will not be the last case.
The report which has probed in these deaths clearly states that the last journey of the poor girl was terrifying. Imagine a young girl with dreams of future in her eyes is dragged off to an alien city and killed in cold blood for no fault of hers, except maybe her religion. What’s worse is that her family is not allowed to mourn her loss. She is branded as a terrorist, a threat to society and her memory is also sullied.
A few month’s back a young boy who had gone to Ludhiana to find a new job was gunned down by the police who claimed he was a terrorist. It was clear in his post mortem that he had been shot at a point blank range and not from far off as the police claimed. That’s not all there were bruises on the boy’s body indicating beating and torture hours before his death.
Young lives ended cruelly to satisfy a greed. And there are so many names and cases which have never even come forward. Poor people who have been killed mercilessly to finish off a case, earn a promotion or medal. These are the regular people who do have contacts with higher officials, but have the misfortune of being born poor and helpless. There is no one to fight for them, to take up their case to fight against the injustice that the system is inflicting on them.
Branded as terrorist fake encounters are a regularity. First caught, beaten up then killed there bodies are the dragged to a designated spot and weapons are planted on their body as evidence.
And when the real terrorist attack we call for our NSG commandos to save us.
Next time these ‘heroic’ police officers should be sent. Lets see them gun down real terrorist.