Daily Musings

Friday, November 16, 2007

Broken Dreams

Went to see "Om Shanti Om" but was more riveted by something else than Shahrukh's 6 packs. Though he has serious drool factor.
What grabbed my attention was the struggle of the junior artists shown, and since I was a part of that industry, admittedly for a short span of time, I could relate to it.
There were so many young aspiring people who I had met. They had all come to this city with a dream in their eyes. The dream to become big, to see their names in posters, to be admired and loved by millions, to have the fame & glory. But not all manage to achieve it. For every success story there are hundreds of broken dreams.
I remember meeting a girl called Sanjana. A lovely looking gorl, with talent as well (She used to entertain us with anarkali dialogues, and she was good). She had come from a small town and had spent most of her parent's savings on her portfolio. However lack of offer forced her to become an extra and stand in the crowd scenes.
Whats more soon the grim realities caught up with her. Living alone in an alien city with no reguler source of income is not easy. She was forced to look at other avenues which I dont need to mention.
Her parents saw her condition and tried to convince her to come back home. Like every other parent they wanted her to settle down, have a secure life. But the lure of fame was too strong. I never got to know what became of her but I vividly remember the last time I saw her. On one of the sets wistfully looking at the heroine.
Sanjana is just one of the many stories around. All these kids come here thinking they will be the next heart throb and its shattering for them when they have to stand behind the main actors. Soon frustration turns to bitterness as they wait endlessly for their star to shine bright. The camera doesnt even focus on their faces but they still try to get the best possible place to be "seen".
They are hopeful that one day they will be discovered and sometimes years go by in this hope.
Whats more the treatment meted out to extras is terrible. With no proper rooms or restrooms, sometimes they stand out in sun for hours. The food is tasteless and the money is hardly adequate if you live alone in this city.
But young kids still flock towards this line, hoping that there time to shine will be on soon.Hoping that by being near the stars or main directors they will somehow manage to get that much waited for break.
I know how hard it is to break that dream and come out but its not impossible. Its best to face reality than live forever in a dreamworld.
Believe me their is world of opportunities out there. And yes I know its difficult to break your dreams but do that before they break you.