Wednesday, March 21, 2007

IES series -2

Shraddha & Renuka looking around furtively.
Shraddhu - She is not around lets go.
They duck into our tiny tea shop and buy a Vada Pav each. They come out and walk straight into Princu
They freeze
Princu – Ah caught you red – handed
Renuka (sigh)- But Princu we are hungry
Shraddhu – very
Princu – Then eat something hygienic like Sheebu
Sheebu munching on a packet of Haldirams
Me – Sheebu stop eating Haldiram we are supposed to making a project on Ruffles. Oh god! Did you get the questionnaires filled? U know we don’t have time (hyperventilating)
Sheebu ignores and goes on munching
Sabu – Shreyu. Shut up
Me – Still Hyperventilating
Shraddhu – OK OK I will eat Ruffles. Is that better?
Sheebu still munching. Me still hyperventilating
Princu – Much better. And Renuka what about you.
Renuka – nothing about me. I am eating my vada pav.
Princu – Fine rot your insides
Sheebu still munching. Me still hyperventilating
Sabrina- I have been wanting to try their new cutlet. Should I?
Princu – What is wrong with you?
Sabrina – U know I don’t like their food but how bad could it be
Princu (giving up )- you girls have lost it
Suddenly someone announces
‘Hey guys 3 presentations are due next week’
I faint


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