Saturday, March 17, 2007

A typical day in IES

Life in IES

A typical day in IES. (Hey girls guess who is who)
A comes in giggling
A – U know what XYZ (any boy in our class) did?
B – Now what in god’s name did that *&&%$@## do?
B – Heheheheeh He was making fun of XYZ
C – That’s bad he should’nt do that?
B – Why that ***&^%%##*
D – (to B) must you always over react? Why do you let such people get to you
C – Now now girls
E- Should we make a presentation on Pepsi?
A – Oh there are my Junior friends. I will just come in a bit
D – (grumbling) Does she know half the college
E – I know we will do our presentation on Pfizer
C – I need to buy new clothes/shoes/nailpolish/bag
D- Ok I will come with you. I also need new clothes/ shoes/ nailpolish /bag
C – Oh Pharma just came out. I will just come
B – why that **&&%%$$#@@@ no gooder is talking to C.
D sighs
E – I have it……. I have it we will make a presentation on Amul
(So any guesses????)


Blogger Shraddha said...

U idiot.....
But dat was sweet.... its so amazing to think of those days....
Shreyu its too cool.... muah baby..

12:06 AM  
Blogger Godwin said...

Great Stuff Shreyu......

Superb... Let me waste my time guessing :)

5:20 AM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

Is the D is you ?

11:21 AM  

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