Daily Musings

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loss of young lives

It is sad to see the amount of violence in our country and the number of innocent young lives lost.

Two separate incidents in the newspaper showcase the dismal state of law and order in our country,

First was a young woman in Delhi, who was shot dead for resisting the advances of drunk men. Before the moral police start pointing fingers at the victim, no she was not dressed in ‘western’ clothes and was accompanied by her husband.

A random act of violence against a young woman who was minding her own business and not creating trouble for anyone. As a citizen of this country does she not have the right to walk on the roads without fearing her life. The drunkards were caught and held but sadly nothing will bring back the lost life.

In another incident a young man was shot dead in the case of ‘honour killing’ which should be renamed as ‘horror killing’. A Muslim boy and Hindu girl were married and were killed on their way home when they were back after registering their marriage. The perpetrators of violence won over the advocates of love by brute force.

Why is that there is no place for love in our society. Why are the young people who are doing nothing but believing in their love for each other being penalised?

If you read these news snippets you will have sense of déjà vu as there is nothing new about them. They are similar to thousands of cases which occur across our country every week, half of them are not even registered.

I always feel that those left behind suffer the most. Mourning for their loved ones who they lost for lives for something so futile and for no fault of theirs. How do you get over such loss?

I do hope the criminals who committed these dastardly acts are caught by law and suitably punished. Atleast they will not be able to harm another innocent life somewhere.