Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When love comes along.....

When Love comes along…….

They were as different as fire and ice or for that matter as any girl and boy. To begin with her favorite color was pink and his was brown. Where she liked romance novels, perfumes and Yash Chopra movies, he liked bikes. She was always color coordinated. It would not be wrong to call her fashion conscious. Nobody could blame him for making an effort to look presentable
Hence as I said they had nothing in common yet when they met, magic happened. No it was not love at first sight. Where she was wondering how could anyone wear grey with brown, he was wondering how could anyone wear so much pink.
But then they spoke to each other, discovered each others true self beneath the exterior and realized that they were so perfect for each other.
Slowly but surely they started getting drawn towards each other not realizing the enormity of their feelings.
But then reality intruded they could not be together. There were issues like caste barrier, not enough money to live on, career demands but most importantly different dreams. They are still grappling with it. Will they live happily ever after. I don’t think so. Will one of them make the ultimate sacrifice and decide to give up their dream to make the others come true and if he/she does, will they be able to forgive the other and be happy. Again I don’t think so. But at the same time it hurts them to part ways. One wonders how such different people can fall in love. And when they do why is it so complicated.
Hence follow my advice never fall in love and stay happy.


Blogger Godwin said...

I totally and fully agree with you Shreyu----- As far as two different people getting together is concerned... and Hell, Hypocratic countrymen - amingst whom we stay and are part of.

Much should also be credited to the immense cowardice within us.

As far as the writeup let me guess the couple- no I wont-- Pray, they just stay content... with themselves, with the time they spent together, with thier indiviual destiny.

As someone used to tell me- Its all because of our Karma ("I dont believe in the concept- because of my faith"), but anyways the reasoning deems fit as an explanation for consequenses, we have to live with of our own making.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

I fully disagree with you Shreyu for the conclusion. Falling in love and deciding not to get into marriage is way different from Failing in love.

From the closest friend of someone, if he/she has to choose a life partner, that would be a relatively complex task... so naturally, marriages were bound to carry a few complicated decisions to make in the beginning……

Pain in parting is temporary…….. If they have made such a conscious decision already.. presumably that’s the best thing to do …… compromises for the sake of it, doesn’t appear to be the best choice to avoid short term pain.

In any case, they would have lived a great many memorable moments together and that clubbed with the learning is a wonderful take away … that’s it…… as long as he/she finds someone worth falling in love with …….. Irrespective of the final outcomes, falling in love is always a great idea !!!

11:47 AM  

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