Daily Musings

Saturday, June 17, 2006

life on run

Life on run
Every morning when I am running around with the rest of the world I always tend to think, do we ever stop, ever stop to consider where we are going, what is our destination or do we just keep running. I think in the rat race we have all forgotten our general goal in life. We have started equating money with happiness and have decided that the more money we have the more we will be happy and hence this non- stop race to earn more and more. But I guess in this whole craziness we forget our main goal. Frustration and stress takes up most of our life. Will it be so bad if we all stopped in between to take a breather? If we all stopped to see the sunset, watch the waves lapping at the shore, ate paani puri from a road side vendor, got wet in the rain, shut off our mobiles on a Sunday and just spent it with our loved ones.
I respect people who have a certain goal in life and are willing to work hard to achieve it.
However I don’t think it should be done at the cost of personal happiness and peace of mind.