Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lost innocence

Read an article in the recent India today, about how kids are growing up way too fast for their age. It is startling to know how concious they are of their looks at an early age. How 13 - 14 year olds are regular at beauty parlours and more shocking than that how 16 year olds are ready to go under the surgeon's knife to improve their looks.
Where its easy to blame the so called "westernisation" of our country and the influence of foreign channels, are we really a victim of that or are we just turning a blind eye towards our own faults?
After all are'nt we still hung over the 'fair complexion'. A certain cream is no. 1 in India because it promises fair skin in just 6 weeks. Whats more it even has ads running how till your dark skinned; you cannot become air hostess/ TV anchor or even a blushing bride till you are fairer than milk.
How about Indian TV serials which shows a girl being ill - treated and mocked till she is ugly to look at and then goes ahead to have the world at her feet as soon as she changes into a swan from an ugly duckling.
Lets not even start with indian films which are replete with examples about how the more beautiful girl always wins the man.
Hence lets stop blaming the western society for spoiling our kids. We have done it all on our own.
But we can stop this now. Lets stop making looks so much more important lets teach our kids how its more important to be a better person and a nicer human being than a pretty face.
Lets return their innocence to them. Lets tell them how being happy will get the natural glow in their face that no beauty parlour can achieve, how playing in the rain will get them a much better physiqe than any gym, how learning traditional dance will make them much better dancers than apeing Hrithik Roshan (nothing against him)
Lets teach our kids to become kids.


Anonymous Abhinav said...

I agree. Even I read this article yesterday and was remembering how was I when I was in high school.

Somewhere the innocence is lost.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Goddy said...

Hritik is Indian :)

its not that way.. the rural child still has his/her innocence since there are no gym or palour to ruin those rain dances nor mango/chiku stealing for them

4:56 AM  
Anonymous batak said...

for once, all the bataks agree with you. i hope you stop walking in the shade (just to prove a point).

10:09 PM  
Blogger Prashant said...

Hi Shreya...

I agree with you to some extent...

1st off all i must congratulate u for wriiting down ur opinion and u have done well..
But somehow I feel that everybody wants to look good and stay in the league of fashion..With every passing time people are becoming more modern and they want to match with every one. However I also feel that they shouldn't overdo it specially chiildrens. And Yes there is no harm in in copying someone or going to gym. Infact it enhances their personality...

Still I appreciate ur effort to write all this...its nice..

11:45 AM  

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