Saturday, December 16, 2006

Its my fault

I have got a black eye, but it’s not due to my husband. It’s completely my fault. I walked in to a door and hence got hurt. I am slightly accident-prone. The other day I had slipped from the stairs and broken my wrist. My friends thought it was due to him but it wasn’t.
My husband does not beat me up. No he doesn’t. He just gets very angry some times. But then that’s my fault too. I demand too much from him as a wife so he some times loses his cool. But no, the bruises all over my body have nothing to do with him.
Its just difficult for him to control his anger sometimes and I should try to understand that.
My parents want me to separate from him. They wonder why I put up with it. I have tried to tell them that it’s my fault but they don’t understand.
My friends don’t recognize me anymore. They can’t find the girl who wanted to take over the world. They say he has broken my spirit but I try to make them understand too that’s its my fault.The problem is I can convince every one except this one woman. The woman who stares back at me from the mirror asking, “Is it really my fault?”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have visited your blog earlier as well but only this time thought I should drop in a line. You seem to have decided to experiment with fiction now.. but I see that your writing is very serious and without a hint of humor.. i guess thats your writing style or maybe the topics demand seriousness.. however I would say that all problems are self/ society created and none is permanent.. adding humor to it could just arm us with a little more confidence to change things the way we would want to.. a light vein can give better ideas and generate more interest.. Neverthless, great going.. I see a budding author.. all the best! and I hope you enjoin your new job ;-)! do let me know whenever you are in this part of the city.. enjoi!

1:21 AM  

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