Saturday, December 16, 2006

Love at first sight

He knew he was a faceless voice for her. Just someone she used to call when she required help. He worked in the systems department of a company while she was a highflying executive in the same company. However due to her job profile she always needed to transfer confidential data, which had to pass through system clearance hence their rendezvous. At least that’s what he would like to call it.
She had joined a few months back and he had been completely smitten by her. The first time they had spoken was when he had explained their system to her on the phone. She used to sit right across the glass partition, which separated the systems department from the rest of the office, and he had been completely bowled over.
He knew people always said that you could not fall in love with a person till you didn’t know her. But he knew her. He knew her name, her birthday, and her address more than that he knew what kind of a person she was.
By her open smile he knew she was a friendly person, by her soft voice he knew she was gentle; through her eyes he knew she was a dreamer. He had seen her share her lunch with the street urchins and knew above all she was a good person.
He also knew that she probably didn’t know of his existence but she was courteous and always used to smile at him whenever they happened to pass. He knew that she probably didn’t know that he was the person who helped her with her data but he didn’t care.
His whole team knew about his crush and used to tease him but he didn’t care. Every time the phone used to ring he would rush to grab it much to the amusements of his team members.
They had encouraged him to speak to her, introduce himself but every time he used to go in front of her he would become tongue-tied.
However one day he decided to take the plunge and talk to her but that day she left early.
Due to some tension in the city he left early too.
The next day he waited but she didn’t come. She didn’t come the day after that too. Then on the third day he got the mail. It was a general mail marked to all.
“We are very sorry to inform that our colleague Ms. Juhi Verma died in the 11th July train bomb blast. We hope her soul rest in peace.”

He looked across at her empty seat


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