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I have always wondered why adoption is viewed with so much suspicion. There are so many kids in this world who are deprived of love. They have either lost their parents or have been abandoned by them. For no fault of theirs they have been subjected to a difficult life. As soon as the word adoption is whispered people look at you with sympathy. The pre-conceived notion is that you want to adopt because you can’t have kids and hence are forced to adopt. Its not easy to get familiar with the idea that one might want to adopt just so that they could give at least 1 kid a happy, decent life.
However there are so many couples that can’t have kids. But these people would rather undergo expensive treatments and explore other options then adopt a kid. The reason given to me is that blood is thicker than water. The love that you feel for your own kid cannot be matched. Where I don’t deny this fact its beyond me to understand how you cant fall in love with a tiny bundle of joy. The other reasons given to me where that one can’t be sure of the kid’s genes, that its future behavior will depend on his/ her ancestry. Again I agree with the same, but also I know that an individuals behavior is more dependent on his/ her upbringing than his genes.
A serious worry could be that once the kid finds out that he is adopted he might be confused but knowing that his adopted parents love him as much as his own would have should alleviate his confusion and help him adjust. Our society needs good educated well-balanced citizens but there are a lot of kids out there who are deprived and will not be able to become one. What if each one of us decided to take the responsibility of 1 kid? Wont this be a happier world?


Anonymous stupid duck said...

man, you're wading into a mighty deep river here. this here river is colored with the color of your parents' skin, their religion...hell, even their dietary habits. i don't think adoption is for everybody. why? because i wouldn't want to see a kid adopted by a family that is a remnant of the last ice age and turned into an upstanding individual with all the ill-effects of a screwed up upbringing (and yes, most indian familes are willing and able to twist facts to maintain congruence with the alignment of the stars) . but then there are two things that outweigh the considerations against adoption. one being that your 'saviors' could mess up your head with speculation about how much you take after those vile people you were born to (is he going to end up a drunk like his father probably was?). so much so, that you feel guilty enough to work that much harder to succeed and put all those doubts to rest(and there's no happier indian than a sad and rich indian). the second pro-adoption argument is a lot less convoluted- its better to be a middle class prude with a fat ass and a fat wallet than be stuck on the streets or worse.

So, well, i say, map those wannabe adoptive parents' genes and find out exactly how liable they are to help their wailing, screaming, diaper messing machines grow into being Steve Jobs clones.

oh fuck it, that's another discussion and besides, i don't know what i'm talking about.

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Blogger Godwin said...

Well, Stupid Duck is as lame as any scientist vouching for DNA, nuturing Life- Boss, it has to be recognised that as much as DNA influences physical and behavioural characteristics, the same are and is morphed by the conditions around "Nature"- Parent love, understanding, friends, society is nature.

If Genes (DNA) is to depend everything than every child adopted from the region of Somalia or Haiti would grow up to be a Militia person even if the child is adopted abd brought up in an country as America. Which is not the case.

and to talk of loving your own child much more than an adopted one, (blood runs thicker than water) .. I would say Bullshit.

That argument could be ruled out - How could two indiviuals rather from different section of blood (society) fall in love- when you could fall in love with a person not out of your own blood in your youth to rebel against your society and get married, how cannot you love a "bundle of joy".

Shreya , I am all for - cause adoption is the only cure for an society marred by mistakes, female infanticide, prejudices, hatred, and dismay.

Adoption should be practised.

11:03 PM  

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