Friday, May 11, 2007

Death of Humanity

When was the last time you smiled at a stranger, stopped running to catch the train to help someone who had fallen, fed a beggar. We all moan at the state this world and more precisely our country is in, but none of us are ready to take the responsibility. We are losing a precious trait - humanity. The trait which distinguishes us from animals.
The other day I was walking towards my office and saw a blind woman trying to cross the street, which is a busy and dangerous street and instead of helping her the motorist kept driving by at a high speed screaming insults to her. The office goers kept walking by ignoring the whole scene, they could not afford for there conscience to kick in and help her across the street and be 5 minutes late. I helped her across feeling a rage well up inside me. Since when did our jobs become more important then another human's life.
We wail about terrorism stalking us, murders and rapes increasing, little kids being hacked to death. Have we realised why crimes have become more violent and frequent.
Because we as a race have started caring less. We do not have compassion left for each other. We have been too busy reaching "there" to look around.
We have stopped being humans
We have become machines who dont feel, think or reach out. We just perform.
For the next promotion, the next incentive, the next hike.
When will we stop and start living again?


Anonymous Abhinav said...

I think for our society as a whole, the standard deviation (call it volatility or tolerance) is going down. Everyone is in such a hurry, not a moment to lose!

btw, r u from ranchi. i think i ventured into this blog from some orkut page i don't recall.

u write pretty well.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Goddy said...

Yeah, Humans have become less humans and Dogs have become more human...

Thats the reason if you want to explain new born child left for in an hospital, or wort left in a bin.

When people swear at beggars- who have boils or deformed bodies and walk atleast a meter away from them but religiously feed the pigeons (grains)in the morning and Dogs (biscuits)in the evening.

Where people sleep wide open in the dark of he night- to be cruised upon by Land Rover(sic!)driven by already High kid of a High status Family

I want to become a big Man, and I care less for others... That what Humanity has come to- an apple infested with worms.

Atleast this is very true for individuals in a unbearable place we call city of - amchi Mumbai

9:36 PM  
Blogger Prashant said...

You need an appreciation for raising this issue..Yes I also feel the same as u. But to be very frank i have also walked across ignoring many ppl....

Will try next time to implement...lets see, I will post my experience...

11:49 AM  

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