Wednesday, December 13, 2006

happiness equals to......

Happiness equals to….

Read a poem today which said:
She is the source of light in pine and sadness
She carries lightening in her hand
Her dreams are clear as clear as shadows
In the flaming paradise’s sands

And are not all our dreams unclear. Do we know what we want? Of course the easiest thing to say would be happiness, but then again what is happiness? What will make us happy? Usually we end up equating money with happiness. The more money we have the more happy we will. However this hypothesis does not usually work. The other would be equating happiness with love. The more we are loved or surrounded by loved ones, more chances of us achieving that elusive happiness.
By definition happiness is a state of mind. A state that can be created and controlled by us. So I guess all we need to stay happy is the will to stay happy.


Anonymous batak said...

man, its a helluva coincidence. i read the same pome on the 13th. but me thinks happiness isn't just a state of mind, but also a function of a person's state of physical being. i'd be surprised to find a hungry 2 year old that could be happy just by willing himself to be happy. I believe that it is only for those that have their physical requirements met adequately to conquer their minds and be happy. if you're poor and hungry, you're happy with a stuffed paratha. if you're rich and overweight, you want yoga and religion to help you get happy. and here happy relates to a state of mind.

7:52 AM  

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