Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cycle of life

The other day I was at the beach watching the waves come and go. They never tired of the same routine, coming with full force and then slowly ebbing back, to come again. Isn’t that similar to the cycle of life. When we are young, ready to take on the whole world, drunk in the power of youth we believe that we can and we will change the world.
And when we have fought our battles, done our bit we slowly go back letting the newer generation take over.
It’s also similar to the events in our lives. Sometimes when due to certain events we are plunged into despair believing that nothing can help us. When everything looks bleak and there is no hope but that time also passes and life takes a turn for the better.
It’s similar to the people who come and go in our lives, friends, relatives, and acquaintances.
As much as we would like there is hardly any constant in life. There is no time place or people who are there in our lives forever. But is it not the change the newness that keeps us engaged and engrossed.
I am still looking at the waves as they continue their rhythmic journey as the sun slowly sets behind the waves.


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