Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trip down the memory lane

Went to meet an old school friend a few days back and all the pleasant school days memories came rushing back to me. Those were the days when the biggest worry used to be doing your homework and studying for exams. The biggest crisis used to be your rival getting more marks than you, the biggest tension used to be how to convince your parents to increase your pocket money.
I was in a school in Patna, which had lot of open grounds. A beautiful, huge rambling structure surrounded by lush trees. Mornings used to be filled with cacophony of birds chirping and sunlight dappling through the thick branches of the trees. Crisp, clear morning air would freshen up our minds as we used to enter the heavy iron gates every morning. School was like a second home for us. Sure we all hated Math and yes the Hindi teacher was never popular among us but they were a part of life we all had come to love.
The Chaat stall which was forbidden to us as the quality of food out there was dismal. The buses which were barely in a moving condition, but were our daily transport.
Each of these facets had a charm of their own.
It was the time of dreams and aspirations. The world was going to be ours. We had huge dreams. There were scientists, architectures, engineers, doctors even astronauts among us. Nothing was impossible or unachievable in our young adolescent minds. It was also time to build long lasting friendships. Some of my best friends from school are still in touch with me. Life was uncomplicated and simple.
It was also the time for young romance to bloom. It was a huge deal if the guy you liked looked at you and if he came and spoke to you, you would remain high in the popularity charts for weeks.
There was also the healthy spirit of competitiveness in all the inter- school competition and if we were not participating then we would be screaming ourselves hoarse cheering on the participants.
Yes those were the days……. And as Bryan Adams has put it so well those were the best days of my life.


Anonymous mad mofo mike said...

well, i'm a kid from the same school in patna as you are. but things are so different now. things are bad. nothing is innocent and everything is corrupted. things sure seem to have changed. when did you pass out, some 30 yrs back?

5:02 AM  

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