Monday, May 22, 2006

kiss of life

Kiss of life
Just saw an episode of ‘desperate housewives’. It started and ended with how different kisses signify different things. They show a husband’s devotion to his wife, a mother’s concern for her son, a wife’s love for her husband, a friend’s love and finally how it satisfies our need to connect to another human being. I am sure the moral police of Bombay would never understand this and would continue to haul young teenagers for indecent act in public if they as much as hold each other’s hand.
Love needs to be expressed and there are various ways of doing it but somehow our society frowns upon any show of affection. I fail to understand it. It’s ok to spill blood, kill people, burn thousands of innocents in the name of religion and express rage, but a show of love is complete no-no.
Is it not the religion, which teaches us to love all, to not differentiate among each other on the basis of each other’s skin color. I don’t know about other religions but I am sure none of them propagate violence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dekh yaar , i was full on supporter of public display of affection

but yaar simple si baat hai, if u love som 1 why show it off to the world re , ghar pe karo... its disgusting out ... its lik u proving i love som 1

yaar samjho if ur gf is upset n needs a little kiss ......thn realise tht , find a moment no 1s watching n thn giv her little puck, kiss senstional

bakhi sab show off hai, sorry dnt agree but keep it up


i think i forgot my password n id for blogspot, so sorry using Anonymous

2:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shreya!! Well I was visualizing almost everything that U have written & must tell it was just awesome!! I could associate most of ur articles with my school of thought.

- Aroop

6:34 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

We belong to a society full of hypocrites… and the trouble is : in this democracy the crudest of the lot gets the best attention… so no wonder this morale policing would continue.. till a few more generations passes…

11:54 AM  

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