Saturday, May 13, 2006

Media or monster

It’s sad to realize what our news media has come to these days. The number of news channels has increased but the news item has not. Hence our resourceful news media has taken desperate measures
The personal grief of mourning families is flashed on news channels for all to see.
Be it Pramod Mahajan’s injury and subsequent death, his last rites, his family’s grief it was all public property.
What is more disgusting and disheartening is that the Indian public lap it up. We get some kind of perverse pleasure in watching other people’s grief and probably feeling thankful that it’s not us.
The whole episode of Suryanathan’s (the engineer) kidnapping and killing and his family grief was plastered over national dailies and news channel. I know it was an important piece of news, which needed to be reported, but did the poor widow need the cameras trying to get a close-up of her when she was going to pieces.
And when there is a lack of news, they fall back on the age-old formula, film stars
I was aghast to see one of the oldest and most esteemed paper of India had headlines like ‘What Salman Khan had for breakfast in jail today?’ and this was when there was a huge fire in a small town where thousands had died.
I am not belittling them. Far from it. I think journalism is a noble profession. They do the job of informing the whole nation, they can be a cause of revolution. It was the strong reporting of injustice to Jessica lall which started the public movement.
It was there strong take on the ‘Marine drive rape case’, which outraged the public. But it’s saddening to know that some times some of them will stoop to such levels to get TRPs. Selling some one’s personal grief. I am sorry but you cant go any lower than that. Guys please stop. We need good journalism, clean journalism, strong journalism, please give us that.


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