Sunday, May 07, 2006

Raj and Simran

I always wonder what happened to Raj and Simran. You remember Raj and Simran. The star-crossed lovers of ‘Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge’. They were supposed to have lived happily ever after but did they. I feel they must have ended up in a divorce. Its not like they had a lot in common. If anything they were poles apart, completely opposite. Where these differences attract in the first place they slowly become the reasons for conflicts and skirmishes
Since childhood we are made to believe in happily ever afters. Right from fairy tales where Prince charming comes, sweeps the princess of her feet and takes her to her castle, where they live happily ever after……but do they? What happens when there are differences of opinions? When there is too much interference from in-laws, when kids come, when there is lack of space, lack of time, lack of understanding, lack of maturity?

Take the case of another famous screen pair, Prem and Suman, the famous lovers of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. Did they have a happily married life? I really doubt. They were from 2 completely diverse backgrounds. Where he had studied abroad, she had barely completed her 10th from the local village school. What did they talk about? Did they not feel the lack of intellectually stimulating conversation?
And now my favorite couple Rahul and Anjali from ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’. Theirs must have been a relationship fraught with uncertainties and insecurities. Did she not keep wondering if he was still in love with his late wife? Did he not keep wondering if she had feelings for her ex-fiancée? After all he was physically more attractive.
I rest my case. Did all these happily ever after couples live happily ever after, or did their romance fade away with time. Did they manage to keep the magic alive or did it die in the rigorous daily routine of living.
I sometimes wonder whatever happened to Raj and Simran…….


Blogger Goddy said...

Yup, I even used to wonder the same, then I realised that.. yup.. the relationship can go bad.. albeith like chalte-chalte , akele hum Akele tum....

arent these movies, or some show the other side the post marriage.. adjustment... Mitr,etc.

Thats the fun...Thats agony.. thats relationship.

I once happen to attend a sunday mass, and it turned out to be a marriage (wedding) mass..

The priest in his sermon said... to have a happily ever after marriage atleast one of you has to be God when the other is a Satan...

thats adjustment.. isn't it?

9:35 AM  

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