Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The triumph of goodness

Since childhood, I have been told that good wins over evil, and it happened in all the fairy tales I read. The evil stepsisters of Cinderella got their just desserts. Snow- white’s step mom could not harm her. Later in life as I grew up, in all the fictions I read, in all the movies I saw, the same thing was repeated again and again. But today on the 7th death anniversary of Jessica Lal’s murder I am not too sure if what has been taught to me is right.
Because if it was correct then how can we explain a murderer still walking scot free while the fighters of justice die waiting for the correct thing to be done. Or how can we explain the futile fight of Priyadarshini Matoo’s father. Or the very latest the murder of the Indian engineer by Talibans. Terrorism, a faceless criminal who has claimed so many innocent lives. What gives them the right to shed blood? And can we do something about it or are we going to sit and wait for some super hero to come and save us.
Someone who will make sure justice is delivered, terrorism is stopped, murders and rapes are stopped. And do you know who this person is?
It’s us, we the united citizens have the power in us to fight against these injustices. Was’nt it the huge public uproar that got Jessica lal’s case up to supreme court, got politicians involved. But lets not just stop here. Lets make a conscious effort to end evil.
Lets take small steps like stopping a crime happening before our eyes. How many times have we turned a blind eye towards eve- teasing by not wanting to get ‘involved’? but that’s exactly what we need to do get involved. Stop crimes around you. Make sure the area you live in is safe. Raise your voice over issues you feel strongly about. Report all the crimes to the rightful authorities and make sure the action is being taken.
Lets do this because tomorrow it could be one of us who might be victimized if this reign of terror and injustice was not stopped. Lets make sure that we can still read fairy-tales to our kids and ask them to believe in it. Lets hope that we are able to kill this monster called injustice and bring love and peace once more in this world. At least lets keep the hope alive.


Blogger Shraddha Goenka said...

That was a very nice thought.... somebody made an effort.... keep it up

8:07 AM  
Blogger Goddy said...

Rang De Basanti............. I say

but that means .. you getting out , leaving your life, the soft bed you lie ... the beauty the life offers, eventually Death if necessary (remember RDB)

How much of the population would be ready to forsake all good and luxuries.. to make way for the right to step in...

Any one.... Please.. stand Up...

7:21 AM  

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