Wednesday, May 03, 2006

be my friend

Be my friend
Do you want to be my friend? My name is Asha. I am 6 years old. You know what is my favorite past time? Watching cars go by you. Now you must be thinking how can I see cars go by? That’s because I live on roads. I beg at the signals. Actually I have one of the most posh signals in city. I am at JVPD signal. I don’t know who my mom and dad are. The other elder beggars take care of me. I am supposed to give them all the money I earn and in return they give me food. However if I don’t earn enough money, I am not given food those days.
Sometimes, when the big cars come and wait at the signal I peep inside their tinted windows and see beautiful girls with lovely clothes and jewelry. It makes me wonder, why they are there and I am here. Then there are people in the ricks always busy with their mobile phones, acting all-important and in a hurry. They act as if we do not exist even when we bang on their windows and try to get their attention.
Sometimes I get to trade places with my friends at 4 bungalows. There is this huge shop over there. I look at the window display at all those lovely stuffed toys and beautiful clothes and wonder how it must be to be able to own all these things. However when I get to close to the shop the security fellow always shoos me away.
These days it’s very hot, but it’s better than when it rains. During rains we are perpetually wet and since none of us own more than one pair of clothes we all end up catching cold.
Sometimes some people give me their old clothes and food. Once someone had given me her old teddy bear. It’s my favorite possession and I guard it with my’s the only toy I have ever owned.
Sometimes when I look inside the car I wonder if some day I will get to be inside all warm and comfortable. Someday I will not have to worry about my next meal. Someday I will get to wear pretty clothes and play with new dolls. At least I can dream. So, do you still want to be my friend?


Blogger Shraddha Goenka said...

Hey Shreyu darling... That was straight from the heart... Being the person u r that was expected of u... Always caring for those street children... That was a nice blog... Keep it up...

8:03 AM  
Blogger Goddy said...

i would still like to continue Asha's story, which I really dont like but its a truth on the mean streets of Mumbai......... the streets are perpetually full of filth and filthy people.

Thank God Asha is just 6 yrs now.. and the cries that come out are cries of a tender child.. if some good child care dont liberate her and put her into really a nice, genuine chile care home.... she would have to be a subject to prying eyes of guys (who have a massive dirty lives, always looking to satisfy thier dirty libidos) right frm age of 12 to 70.....

she would be subject to so much of physical victimisation.. that she would really hate her existence....... and ultimately God.

She needs to hide herself from every creature that lurks.. ready to find an occasion to strike her down and make her a free victim....cause prostitutes got to be paid... Sic!

pray for Asha.. please do...please so that she may not be a part of the oldest occupation cause of men on the filthy streets of this city called Mumbai.

7:17 AM  

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