Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Justice Denied

It’s a sad day for Indian judiciary system as one of the longest fought cases have a less than perfect ending.
Priyadarshini Mattoo lost her life more than 14 years ago for no fault of hers but because a spoiled brat took fancy to her. Since he belonged to an influential family many witnesses turned hostile and defense became week. It is no secret that integrity can be easily bought by a wad of notes. Hence the culprit was free to move around and maybe stalk other innocent girls while the long drawn fight for justice continued.
Thanks to the media attention, public support and help from activist the long awaited justice was finally achieved and a killer was given a death sentence for committing a heinous crime. But today Supreme Court has over ruled this hearing and changed it to life sentence. Some may argue that life imprisonment is equally bad but not for the corrupt and rich. Any one who can manage to change the court rulings can also mange an easy life in prison.
Close on the heels of this comes the acquittal of 6 men accused of raping a TISS student. The reasons given are ‘lack of medical evidence’ and ‘changes in the version of the victim.’
A victim who was drugged and obviously traumatized must after suffering, chronologically list down the events to ensure she can prove that she was indeed raped. The fact that she was taken against her will to a place by 6 men drunk and high on drugs is not enough.
I also do not agree with the people who say that sometimes women wrongly accuse men of sexual harassment to exact vendetta. No women would bring upon herself the shame and humiliation that usually follow a rape victim in our country. Is that not why so many rape cases go unreported? And even if we take this argument to be true what could possibly transpired a foreign student who had met these men just a few days ago (confirmed by both victim and accused)
Is it not bad enough that justice in our country is delayed? It sometimes takes 10 years in open and shut cases (Jessica Lall) for victim’s family to receive justice and some sort of closure. Nothing can bring back their loved ones but at east the knowledge that no other innocent will suffer by the hands of the accused culprit bring some satisfaction. But it is worse if the committed manage to get their sentences lessened or delayed by going to higher court.
The message it gives out is that you can go ahead and commit crimes. If you have money you will walk scot-free or the justice will be delayed and while the victim’s family suffer you will enjoy a normal life.
I wonder when will our justice system wake up.


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