Friday, July 02, 2010

Monsters Amongst Us

Since the Kurla cases have come to light it has exposed another horrific facet of human nature.
There is something disturbingly scary to know that among us walks a human being who is capable of picking up little innocent girls who are practically infants (the youngest was 5 years old), raping them, killing them, mutilating them and then dumping their bodies.
What could possibly motivate a human being to commit such a heinous crime and that too not once but thrice? I have read the reports which suggest that the accused has a mental problem and is a social psychopath. But then does this behavior of his and violent tendencies not reflect in his daily lives and habits. Should that not give him away or at least expose the workings of his sick mind to those around him.
What is scarier is that our police force has not yet been able to capture this monster. Yes, today’s headlines scream that the case has been solved. But when you read on, you realize that the accused DNA matches the sample taken from only one victim.
If this is the case has a group of sick men who are doing this together then where are the other culprits, when will they be caught and how can we be sure that the guy arrested is really the cold blooded killer who has been preying on scared little children of Kurla. Does his background match the diagram drawn out by consulting psychiatrists on this case?
What if he is not, what if the real killer or killers are still out there? Can the terrified parents keep their kids at home forever? Can they sleep in the nights again?
These are the poor people of our country. Those who live in a 6 X 4 rooms and call it there home. Who still send their kids to school and hope that they are able to fly the coop. They have big dreams for their kids. They don’t have enough, but at least till now they had their dreams and peace of mind. Looks like that has been snatched too.



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